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Stratevic, business, Consultancy Service


At Stratevic, we believe in growing, sustaining, innovating, and transforming your business. We take pride in our distinct ability to assist all of our beloved clients in handling and solving their sophisticated issues. Building strong partnerships allows us to fully comprehend our clients’ challenges and cooperate to come up with workable solutions. From a technological and business standpoint, we strive to help you come up with an effective strategy and implement it to give your company a competitive edge over other market players. 

  • Strategy and business transformation
  • Finance
  • Digital and future technology
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Due Diligence
  • Restructuring Services
  • Valuation, Modelling and Economics
Stratevic, business, Capital Raising


Business growth and success considerably depend on acquiring the ideal type of capital or funding requirements. Thus, by advising businesses on their structure solutions and capital requirements, we help them in addressing their capital needs and raising structured capital or debt from capital providers such as Sovereign funds, Insurance Funds, Financial Institutes, Pension Funds, Banks, and HNI’s Family Offices. Furthermore, we also help in selecting strategic bidders/investors, preparing lenders’ or investors’ requirements, and developing financial structures or plans, among other things. 

  • Assess your company’s current capital structure and future capital needs
  • Identify and evaluate capital options available including private equity placements, bank debt, hybrid/structured finance products and pre IPO funding
  • Identify the appropriate financiers / investors to address specific corporate objectives (growth, new market entry, regional expansion) and/or shareholder requirements (dividends, foreign investment, and strategic partnerships)
  • Advise on negotiations with financiers/investors and Project manage the overall transaction process
Stratevic, business, Market Entry Service

Business Development

We help international companies develop and implement winning market entry strategies across the globe. Our experts consider numerous aspects relating to your target industry or market, including competitive situation, customer insights, market demand, and value chain. Using this analysis, we offer accurate strategic advice on competitive positioning, product pricing, target segments, partnering support, marketing, sales strategies, supply and distribution. Additionally, you can count on our superior insight and rigorous approach to give you a market entry strategy to win in a unique context.

  • Geopolitical research
  • Industry research and analysis
  • Data analytics and consumer insights
  • Competition analysis
  • Risk assessment and mitigation planning
  • Market entry methods : Exports| Licensing | Franchisee | JV | Greenfield
  • New distribution network or channel
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Brand development

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